Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thefting weapons from the Israeli army's factory

A Recent news reported that there was a theft of sophisticated weapons from a factory that supplies military weapons to the Israeli army, where these stolen weapons are with a gang in Israel; this news was revealed after the confessions of a worker in the factory and partners in the robbery.

And according to what was stated in "Yediot Aharonot" website, the police arrested two Israeli from Rishon Lezion city, based on investigations and information received by police of stealing weapons and selling them to gangs in Israel, one of the prisoners was working in the military factory that the weapons were stolen from.

The investigations that have remained secret, ensured that there was a 170 weapons stolen from the plant, including pistols, machine guns and rifles and most of it were sophisticated types made especially for special units in the Israeli army, and the army considered it as items that should kept in secret, those weapons were sold to a gangster in Israel.

The Web site also state that Israeli police are still investigating in the case and have fears of the arrival of some weapons to organizations work against Israel, in addition to the investigations about the use of the stolen weapons by the gang and whether it is used in military operations against Israel or not.

Another information in the website reported that the investigation in the robbery had begun a year and a half after police found the Israeli guns in a warehouse in Al Teiba city, and at this time it has begun investigations to trace down the track of the weapon and its source, which led them to the factory, and then to one of the workers who had carries out the robbery.

The site said that after the police found the factory that the weapons were stolen from, they arranged with the management of the factory to put two person to watch the factory, this led them to Sergei Kerzner (37 years), who was working as a driver of a truck in the factory, where he was stealing the weapons and take it to Sharon Jutin (32 years) who live in Rishon Whitson, and then sell the stolen pieces to criminal gangs in Israel and take a thousands of shekels per piece in return.